Learn By Example: Strategyzer Essential Video Cases To Help You With Business Model Innovation

Strategyzer video cases have helped thousands of viewers understand business model and value proposition design through real-life company examples. They’re also a great way to review what it has been said during the previous Noé Programs on using the Business Model & Value Proposition canvas to communicate strategic thinking. These videos are about more than our tools, they’re about visualizing stories to clarify and simplify strategic conversations. 

« We believe that visual thinking and learning is an important way to communicate strategic business ideas. Our video case posts, produced by Strategyzer team member Nabila Amarsy, have been a helpful way for our audience to:

  • Be informed about important business successes and failures in the world of strategy and innovation.
  • Learn about the design of business models and value propositions in an engaging format.
  • Learn key strategy and innovation lessons to succeed in your own organization.
  • Develop visual learning and communication techniques that can be used in your organization, too.
  • Brush up on Canvas mapping techniques like colour-coding and storytelling. »

Click here to discover the videos!

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