CSR was long thought to be about standards, regulations and risk prevention. But this is not enough any more : we must move from “less bad” to “more good”, from the minimization of negative impacts on the environment to the maximization of positive impacts.

Business is the most powerful force today in society because it combines human
creativity with the power of money. This force needs to be harnessed to solve the
greatest challenges of our time – and this needs to be put at the heart of
companies’ purpose, business model, products and services… Positive and human-centric innovation will improve our relationship with nature, the relationships among people, life in society and human condition as a whole. We believe that it will also ensure business success, because there is no business to be done on a dead planet.

That is why we have launched the NOÉ program. To imagine and create the solutions, business models and brands of tomorrow. To prove that anything that
seems impossible has just not yet been tried.




NOÉ is a a design-thinking and positive innovation seminar to help invent the offers, economic models and brands of tomorrow.

150 intrapreneurs and “corporate hackers” gather each year for three days around one vision:  “Create the future you want to see in the world.”

NOE is based on a idea by Utopies, Danone and Greg Bernarda Strategy Design, in partnership with nod-A and Strategyzer.


Share the tools and resources that can help participants become a force for long term change and positive innovation back in their companies:

1/ Discover the world-changing potential of positive innovation with a mix of inspiring presentations and case studies.

2/ Experiment the latest tools and cutting-edge innovation methods.

3/ Change your mindset to become a “corporate hacker” and a change maker in your company.

4/ Be part of a proactive community of positive innovators.


A mix of inspiring presentations about beakthrough corporate initiatives, latest tools and cutting-edge innovation approaches, combined to collaborative workshops in small groups.

Participants are invited to take part in the program by joining one of two types of tribes:











1. Founders with shared values
and complementary expertise


UTOPIES – Sustainable innovation and positive branding

DANONE – Organizational transformation, leadership programs with an individual/group dimension

GBSD, Strategyzer and Nod-A – Innovation methods inspired by start-ups, innovative business models

Nod-A – Design thinking and prototyping through Makestorming

2. An exceptional venue


A unique setting: the Evian Resort on the banks of Lake Geneva, to foster
team building and meaningful perspective as well as energy and vitality.

3. World-class speakers


Alexander Osterwalder* – author of “Business Model Generation” and “Value Proposition Design”
Thomas d’Ansembourg* – psychotherapist and Certified Trainer in Conscious and Non-Violent Communication
Dirk Ahlborn – CEO of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies
Sébastien Kopp – Co-founder of the Veja sneakers brand
Navi Radjou – Author, innovation and leadership consultant
Elisabeth Laville* – CEO of Utopies, author of Green Enterprise

And also…

Ramon Arratia /Interface, Sébastien Kopp /Veja, Franck Riboud /Danone, Marc Giget/ the European Institute for Creative Strategies and Innovation, Kalina Raskin /European Center for Biomimicry.

4. A personal and collective journey


“Be the change
we want to see in the world

5. Ambitious innovation challenges
for partner companies & society


> How can we mobilize the power of the circular economy to minimize the environmental impact of bottled water?
> How can we raise awareness among parents about the specific needs of a newborn baby and help them to feed their child appropriately for his or her first three years?
> How can we organize the local upcycling of construction materials by small and large companies?
> How can we get large and medium-sized supermarkets to encourage renting and swapping among consumers?
> How can we design homes adressing for the specific needs the elderly, regardless of their income?

6. Cutting-edge tools and innovation methods


Sustainable Idea-Maker
Positive Business Model Canvas

And many others!

Imagined by Nod-A, Utopies and GSBD/Strategyzer.

7. Proven success


The second edition of NOE Program welcomed
more than 100 participants
with a satisfaction rate of 8,6/10


This seminar is designed for companies willing to stay uptodate on innovation tools and design solutions for the world’s biggest challenges, that are also business opportunities

“Business” people: BU managers and their and their teams,
intrapreneurs/corporate hackers

Various backgrounds:
GM, Strategy, Innovation,
R&D, Marketing, HR,
CSR/SD, etc.

2/3 senior or experienced managers and 1/3 high potentials

People interested in innovation and sustainability
International p














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